We offer custom racecar branding for events to help organizers offset the cost of having our entertainment in attendance. You sell sponsorship to local businesses and we create a custom lettered and painted car for them to have compete against other local businesses during your event. We also tally up race wins from your event and crown a top sponsor to the one with the most wins. This brings a new level of excitement as each sponsor has something to cheer from thru out the event, as well as giving racers racecars to choose from with local flavor!!!... Contact us for more info!!

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 Event Entertainment For ALL Ages 

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RC2U Portable Racing offers a unique form of entertainment for events ranging from Birthday Parties to Corporate Events and everything in between. We have a portable rc racing system that is transport to your event destination where your occasion is transformed into a competition. We offer several different layouts to suit your space availability at your event. We use 1/18 scale BRP racecars to supply plenty of fender to fender action! We are a great form of entertainment for all ages . Contact us for your customized quote for your event!!



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Perfect for drivers too young for r/c racing or those with special needs. This 4'x8' road course also has computer timing and scoring Can be used as an add-on with r/c speedway or by itself.. Contact for more info:

Custom Branded Racers for Special Events

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