Racers!! Start your engines!!!

RC2U Racing is a portable radio controlled racing system that provides exciting 1/18 scale Stock car racing on location!! Racers can take control of up to 8 mini racers and compete against each other for the checkered flag on our portable speedway layouts, that include ovals and road courses!! All racecars and controls are provided, so all you need is your competitive spirit along with your friends and family! RC2U Racing is fun for all ages, however under 6 years of age may need driving assistance to compete

Being life long race fans, we decided in 2013 to create RC2U to provide a fun and competitive alternative for parties and various other types of events......

 RC2U has grown from a simple oval racing layout, to now offering several other options to suit your spacing needs. We also offer a championship tournament format for those hardcore racers! We provide everything needed for your racing experience that includes a race director and corner worker.

Please refer to our video page to see what our racing is about!!!

At RC2U Racing, We Turn ANY Occasion Into A Competition!

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