Campground Entertainment

RC2U Portable Racing entertains at a number of camping resorts each year. We offer three formats for racing for the campers to enjoy.

Option 1: Entertainment Racing: The duration of our time slot if filled with two minute races run continuously from start time to finish time. This allows campers to continuously rotate in and out of races at their leisure. 

Option 2: Tournament Play: This format is a more hardcore "real" racing event. We break down the time slot into three segments, practice, qualifying, and championship race. Campers sign up for the tournament up until its time for qualifying to begin, than sign ups are closed. Campers are divided into equal qualifying heat races where a predetermined number of racers will qualify to the championship race. All drivers not qualified in heat races will then compete in a last chance race to fill out the championship race field. The championship race can have a max of 14 competitors racing in a maximum of 200 laps. At the end of 200 laps the top three finishers will be awarded trophies for their accomplishments.

Option 3: Entertainment/ Tournament Play Combo: Resorts have the option of having us at their facilities for a full day of racing... They also have the option of splitting the day up by having a tournament thrown into the day to compliment the racing entertainment. 

Please contact us for more info!